The Banjo’s Journey

The Traditions Festival was a special event of workshops, dance, music and talks based on cultural ritual and its effects on our sense of self. I gave a presentation called The Banjo’s tracing the history of the banjo from it’s roots in Africa up to how I am using it …

Briggs Corn Shucking Jig & Joel Sweeny’s Jig

I love my gourd banjo, even though I don’t play it as much as I’d like.

My instrument was made by Flatfoot Johnny who works in South London. He uses lots of reclaimed materials for his instruments and I have several. You can check him out here –

The tunes are very common in the minstrel tradition and date from the middle of the nineteenth century.

I performed these pieces  as part of my presentation The Banjo’s Journey at The Traditions Festival in 2017.