Our Song Will Go On – The Peekskill Story

Taken from a Topic 78 (No. TRC28 – Topic was at that point part of the Workers Music Association) featuring Paul Robeson, Howard Fast Pete Seeger and the Weavers these two sides document the Peekskill riots.

I’ve recently come across the Howard Fast book that’s shown in my little photo montage and it’s really quite remarkable so I may well return to this topic soon.

When I Get My Bolshevik Blood Up

I came across the title of this song in Michael Kilgarriff’s book “Sing us some of the old songs, A guide to popular song 1860 – 1920” and had to dig it out at the British Library. Disappointingly, but not really surprisingly it turned out to be very anti Bolshevik, …

Rufus John – The Internationale

Rufus John sings The Internationale on a record released by the Lansbury’s Labour Weekly newspaper, founded by Labour MP George Lansbury and which ran from 1925 to 1927 and which was an important source of news during the 1926 General Strike.

We Are Waltham Forest

This performance was part of a campaign to protest cuts to the National Health Service in 2013.

The song was written by Steve White from my band, Steve White & the Protest Family. He doesn’t usually write on commission which is a shame because he did a great job!

The performance is from the top of the market in Walthamstow.

Which Side Are You On?

This is the Protest Family’s version of Florence Reece’s archetypal protest song “Which Side Are You On?” with Steve’s changes bringing it bang up to date.

No Master

I live in Walthamstow in East London. Our most famous son is nineteenth century artist and radical William Morris.

This is my arrangement of his song “No Master” from the 1892 collection “Chants for Socialists”.


Dandelions is a powerful protest song about the treatment and resistance of ordinary soldiers during the first world war.

It was written by my friend Steve O’Donoghue. I’ve heard him sing it at the folk club many times.

I approached the No Glory group who campaign against the glorification of war and they agreed it would make a powerful statement as part of their Somme centenary campaign.

Steve sings the song unaccompanied but No Glory gave me a modest budget and I arranged and recorded the song with a group. No Glory then put together this powerful video to go with it.

I blogged about the process of the recording in this post on the Steve White & the Protest Family blog – https://protestfamily.wordpress.com/2016/06/04/dandelions/