Jolly Old Christmas

Featuring Steve White & the Protest Family on “No!!”. A prime slice of Leslie Sarony silliness from 1932.   Christmas only comes along to see us once a year So we’re feeling very gay and hearty Everyone is dressed up in their brand new Sunday gear And everybody has a …

Cosmotheka presents The Two Leslies

Cosmotheka predates my time on the folk scene, although I have seen Dave Sealey on lots of occasions, and we ran the rebooted version of the band featuring Dave and his son at Walthamstow Folk Club a couple of years back.

They inspire real love from the people who remember them. They have a website at

This is an episode of the BBC radio show “Double Tops” recorded off-air in 1988 by my friend Jamie Rowan who sent it to me and which I digitised.

The Two Leslies were a popular British double act of the 1930’s and 1940’s featuring Leslie Sarony and Leslie Holmes. The first part of the opening track is missing.

Up The Old Narkovians

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always loved Will Hay films. So I was chuffed to discover that Leslie Sarony had written a song featured in the 1935 film “Boys Will be Boys”. Hay also used Narkova as a vehicle for his charity fundraising, which is why you’ll often …